Welcome to ITTRPG

A small place for indie table top rpg designers looking for a home away from the large corporate web. It is a place where small games and their creators are celebrated. It is a place where dungeon crawling games sit proudly along side games about artisan jam making.

A place for creators to collaborate and organise.

It is not a place for D&D or Pathfinder content. While it is perfectly reasonable for you to create content for these games and call yourself an indie designer, those systems carry a large cultural cache and have many communities supporting them already.

No Nazis, no bigots. If you think that seems like an unfair thing then that means you too.


(coming very soon)


We run an IRC channel over on esper if you want to chat in real time, just join #ittrpg to get started.

If you don't have an IRC client installed then you can use the esper webchat to come and say hi.


We operate a small forum for people to organise on. The forum can be found here.

Community Guidelines

No Nazis, no bigots

ITTRPG will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist or ablest behaviour.

Be Kind.

Everyone disagrees from time to time, that is no excuse to behave badly. Avoid personal attacks when you have differing opinions.

Be welcoming

Everyone starts somewhere. You may have sold thousands of zines but at one time you too had no idea what you were doing. Be welcoming and accommodating to people who are new and finding their feet.

Help Cultivate the Garden

The moderators are responsible for trying to keep things in check, but you should do your bit too. If you see bad behaviour call it out and report it.

Report and dont engage

If you notice someone trying to cause an argument instead of biting just report and move on. By engaging you are giving bad actors what they want.